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Wham!'s Last Christmas, I saw George perform it last week in London, made a YouTube vid! Wham! rocks

Oh wow I found an 80s community on LJ! Any Wham! fans? I hope so. Remember the song Last Christmas? They play it all the time this time of year. Well, last week in London, George Michael performed 5 concerts, I went to ALL of them! Best time of my life. I went from Canada for it. He sang a lot of old songs and some Wham! songs too. There was going to be a Wham! reunion on the last night but Andrew Ridgeley apparently backed out due to nerves at the last minute. What a bummer.

Fans would gather at pubs to talk about Wham! and George before and after the shows, especially at the Blue Check Pub near Wembley Arena. Dec. 15th was special. We had an aftershow party where we danced for hours to the sounds of old Wham! and new George songs. Amazing! I never thought I would be in a club dancing to "I'm Your Man" or "Last Christmas". George treated us on Dec. 11 and again Dec 17 with a surprise performance of Last Christmas, complete with fake snow and all! It was incredible.

I made my 1st ever YouTube posting and also put it on MySpace. It's shots from the Last Christmas performances and of us dancing at BlueCheck on Dec 15 (couple pics of Dec 11 and 14 too). When the Last Christmas song was played at the pub we all got in a big circle and danced together. I will never forget that! Check out if you love Wham! but remember it's my 1st try at this and I know it isn't the best!

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