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03:31pm 02/07/2007
  come on you cool kids, join;

05:33pm 20/03/2007
mood: :)
i just think it could be polite or something announce that i'm new face in here. :)
aaand i was born in -88.
Wham!'s Last Christmas, I saw George perform it last week in London, made a YouTube vid! Wham! rocks 
09:48pm 01/01/2007
  Oh wow I found an 80s community on LJ! Any Wham! fans? I hope so. Remember the song Last Christmas? They play it all the time this time of year. Well, last week in London, George Michael performed 5 concerts, I went to ALL of them! Best time of my life. I went from Canada for it. He sang a lot of old songs and some Wham! songs too. There was going to be a Wham! reunion on the last night but Andrew Ridgeley apparently backed out due to nerves at the last minute. What a bummer.

Fans would gather at pubs to talk about Wham! and George before and after the shows, especially at the Blue Check Pub near Wembley Arena. Dec. 15th was special. We had an aftershow party where we danced for hours to the sounds of old Wham! and new George songs. Amazing! I never thought I would be in a club dancing to "I'm Your Man" or "Last Christmas". George treated us on Dec. 11 and again Dec 17 with a surprise performance of Last Christmas, complete with fake snow and all! It was incredible.



I made my 1st ever YouTube posting and also put it on MySpace. It's shots from the Last Christmas performances and of us dancing at BlueCheck on Dec 15 (couple pics of Dec 11 and 14 too). When the Last Christmas song was played at the pub we all got in a big circle and danced together. I will never forget that! Check out if you love Wham! but remember it's my 1st try at this and I know it isn't the best!

12:40pm 20/11/2006
Bayside 2! Electric Screechio!
November 29, 30 December 1, 2 Shows at 8 PM! 
An Un-Musical Based on TV's Saved by the Bell!
It's Tacky! It's Wacky! It's Zacky! And You Better Believe There's Gonna Be a Hate Crime! Go Bayside!

New York, NY.  Incredio! Productions, sadly no longer affiliated with Uncle Danny's Cheesecake and  Euthanasia Pet Sitting Service, are regretfully proud to present the sequel nobody asked for to last year's hit off Broadway musical based on TV's beloved Saved By The Bell, BAYSIDE! THE UNMUSICAL! cleverly titled BAYSIDE 2!  ELECTRIC SCREECHIO!  November 29, 30, December 1, 2  at Midway Bar (25 Avenue B Between 2nd and 3rd Street) All tickets are the low low super low cost of $10 and are available for purchase at www.beatvalley.com for the even lower discounted price of $8.  

This year at Bayside High, It's senior cut day and Zack and the gang are busy hatching out a fool proof scheme to save the max!  Kelly is as unsure of her love for Zack as the next time she will get her period! Slater comes to grip with his literacy problem with a little help from Jessie's overzealous love for uppers. All while Screech helps Lisa plan a fashion show that takes an unexpected turn for the worst!  Add in the homosexuality, drug use, and adult content that you've come to expect from Saved by the Bell, and you've got BAYSIDE 2! ELECTRIC SCREECHIO!

Last year, BAYSIDE! brought sold out performances to the now defunct Apocalypse Bar and Grill.  The show obtained  attention from Gawker, NY Daily News, and Michael Musto of the Village Voice  even went so far as to call it a  "formless fantasia of pills, pregnancies, feminism, and homosexuality, with Rachel Witz especially perfect as Screech.”

Don’t miss a chance to see BAYSIDE 2! before it’s banned in all 266 states and several Canadian provinces.  
Random Pimpage 
08:41pm 19/12/2005
  Hey all, hope this is allowed if not, just delete me.

I have started a new icon challenge community for the group a-ha. Everyone is welcome. The more the merrier. I just want as many lovely icons as possible.


You remember these fresh faced boys...

well now they look like this...

Come on...you know you want to...
I posted this in my own personla journal... 
07:23pm 31/10/2005
  so I thought I would post it here
So I downloaded a whole bunch of stuff related to this and I was going to put it all up for your pleasure, but I'm lazy. Instead you get a list to read :)
EDIT: I added pictures, I also have show intros and commercials :)

The 80sCollapse )
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12:07pm 10/10/2005

New York, NY.  Incredio Productions, sadly no longer affiliated with Auntie Ruth's Homemade Marmalade and Puppy Killing Factory, is unnecessarily proud to announce BAYSIDE! THE UNMUSCIAL! A play based on TV's Saved By The Bell! It's twisted! It's nostalgic! Someone dies at the end! Maybe it's you! Go Bayside! And what play about Saved by the Bell would be complete with out an AFTER SCHOOL PAR-TAY? That's right! Meet Zack and the gang Saturday, October 22nd! As the low budget lights go dark, the par-tay begins! Dance, trivia, maybe a penguin, and best of all your chance to hi-five Slater and dance the jitter big with Lisa Turtle (who has no legs)! Don't miss your chance to see Bayside! before it's banned in all 266 states!

Tickets $5.
For more information call 917 378 1601 or email

Apocalypse Lounge (189 East 3rd Street Between Ave A and B)

Dates:  October 18 (tue), 19 (wed), 21 (fri), 22 (sat), 23 (sun)
Schedule:  All Shows at 8 PM!
Venue:  Apocalypse Lounge (189 East 3rd Street Between Ave A and B)
Price:  $5
Company:  Incredio Productions


09:17pm 03/09/2005

I have to post this to join. You should too!
02:14am 25/08/2005
  Hey I'm new here and I was born in 1987.  
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04:47pm 24/08/2005
  Etch-a-sketch! :D

title or description

"add to friends list for daily updates mon-fri"

10:30am 30/06/2005

Bayside! The Un-Muscial!
Apocalypse Lounge
(189 E.
3rd Street, between Ave A and Ave B)
July 17, 18, 19
All shows start at 8

Bayside! The Un-Muscial! is based loosely upon TV's Saved By
The Bell. Its twisted, its nostalgic, and someone dies at the end. The show was
written by Bob and Tobly McSmith's cat and contains all of the drama,
homosexuality, and racist humor you've come to expect from Saved By The

Sparks Energy/Malt Beverage will be sponsoring all three nights
with free Sparks! While supplies last.

For More Information contact
Incredio! Productions
917 378

11:49pm 30/03/2005
  Hi! I'm new here, and born in 1980!

In honor of my favorite decade, I created this 80s quiz. Here are my results, but you can just put in your name and age to get your 80s results:

Teleport Yourself to the Eighties! by itslyd
First Name:
Your favorite TV show:Transformers
Your favorite movie:Conan the Barbarian
Your hair looks like:
You spend your time:Break dancing – badly.
You want to be just like:
Who you are really like:
Quiz created with MemeGen!
06:36pm 11/03/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com  
The Princess Bride 
01:25pm 20/02/2005
  If anyone's interested, I made a batch of The Princess Bride icons. They are available (here).  
10:15pm 12/02/2005
  Hi. I just joined, so, yeah. I'm new. I'm a very late 80's baby -- born just a few months before the end of the decade. I just discovered the awesomeness of 80s stuff and music, especially U2, earlier last year (before I heard about HTDAAB, so no, Vertigo's not what got me into them). So yeah. Because of my lack of 80's influence despite being born in the decade, I joined here to hopefully hear about more 80s stuff.

Yup. So hi. *waves*
i'm new 
12:09am 27/01/2005
  Hi everyone!!!! I'm new but i just checked this site out and it seems awesome...ummi used to be obsessed with eigties movies and acors but now i just love it all hehe. Oh the backround for this page is a breakfast club poster!!! Thats what got me hehe i own a poster like that!!! So yeah i just liked to say hi..."hi"  
Hope no one minds... 
12:00am 15/12/2004
  It is 80's related and if you're a Möltey Crüe fan and love the Terror Twins (Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee), then join terr0r_tw1ns.

Thanks <3
hey guys 
01:52pm 18/11/2004
mood: pretty
Hey guys I was going through the internet and came to this really cool website. It has all the 80's movies from A to Z throughout the whole decade of moives. Its really cool and just pick a movie you like for example Last american virgin and it shows up in the site and you can see the trailer and it shows you the music they played on the moive with title and who sang it . Its a really cool website you guys should visit it. THE WEBSITE IS .... WWW.Fast-Rewind.Com
Talks to ya later . bye.. LOrena
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11:41am 28/10/2004
mood: irritated
hey guys my boyfriend always rags on me about the 80's. Like he thinks i'm tooo into it, that I need to welcome myself into the millenium. Well I tell him to shut up and leave me and the 80's out of it. Because I look totally different then him, he dresses casual and ordinary as to me when we go out I look so very different from him, lots of people stare and sometimes say " gosh she looks like she should date a rocker guy or something." bt its ok I'm cool with it
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I do believe I've found my home... 
10:03pm 25/10/2004
mood: AMAZED?!
On September 29 in 1986 at 11:33 PM, I was pushed out of my mother's womb. I'm utterly enthralled w/ 80's music esp. 80's toys. Yup, I'm new if you can't tell. I'm too excited so I'll stop now. Well, later people.
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